Ilona Staples


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Artist Statement
Working with the theme "Leaky Margins", my artistic practice in the past focussed on the breakdown of landmasses and geopolitical boundaries and the many forces, largely those of globalization, that cause borders to shift or dissipate. The term "leaky margins" was coined by British scientist Peter Russell in "The Global Brain" to describe the porosity of cell membranes which allow substances to pass between the interior and the exterior. As a metaphor, it refers to the extraordinary mobility in recent history of people, goods, resources and ideas across national boundaries. The works I created were visual analogies of this unfettered movement and sought to highlight some of its positive and negative consequences. 
Africa Bound, 2007
styrofoam, glue, string, 
packing paper
1.6m H x 86cm W x 15cm D
Euromaze, 2011-2013
styrofoam, plywood, paint,
2.7m H x 3.3m x 6m (variable)
Platform, 2010
(a hypothetical map of a world subway system which engages visitors in an imaginary journey around the planet)
diameter c. 4.5 m. x 15cm high
wood, paint, LED lights, 
misc. hardware
Bubbles, 2005-2013
installation, variable dimensions
plastic pop bottles, screws
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